Police Pistol Combat Competition


Since 1960, the NRA has offered a complete police shooting program to police departments and law enforcement agencies. The objective of this program is the training of police officers in the safe, efficient, and timely use of their firearms. To further assist law enforcement, the NRA created Police Pistol Combat (PPC) competitions. This NRA sanctioned Law Enforcement Shooting Competition Program consists of Approved Tournaments, Registered Tournaments, State Championships, Regional Tournaments, and the National Police Shooting Championships (NPSC).

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Beretta, a longtime supporter of the NPSC, is providing handsome championship rings to the winners of the aggregate of the 1500 Semi Automatic and Revolver individual matches.

The first National Police Revolver Championships were conducted in Bloomington, Indiana, in 1962 with Larry A. Mead, of the Columbus, Ohio, Police Department becoming the first National Police Champion. At that time, there were only 140 competitors. In 1963, for the first time, police officers were able to earn a Police Combat Classification.

From 1969 through 1980, the National Police Revolver Championships were conducted by the Department of Public Safety and the Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers Training Academy in Pearl, Mississippi.

In 1981, The National Police Revolver Championships were then moved to Camp Dodge, Iowa, where they were conducted by the Iowa Law Enforcement Training Academy until 1988.

In 1989, the Championships were re-titled the National Police Shooting Championships (NPSC) and moved to Jackson, Mississippi, where they were conducted by the City of Jackson Police Department.

In 2006, the Championships were relocated to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where they will be conducted annually by the Albuquerque Police Department until 2010.

The intent of PPC competitions is to provide police officers with a competitive program which will improve their skill and competence. To participate in these events, you must meet NRA's eligibility requirements listed in Rule 2.4 of the Police Pistol Combat Rulebook. For additional information, call us at 703-267-1635.