Shooter Classification Lookup

On January 7, 2011, the NRA Board of Directors amended the Police Pistol Combat Rule Book Classification system and created two firearm Divisions. The Open Class Division and the Stock Duty Gun Division. Each Division if further broken down to Semi-Automatic Pistol and Revolver categories. The Board also changed the process for determining individual Classifications. Please see Section 19 of the Police Pistol Combat Rule Book for full details.

Because of the Rule change, all competitors need to have new Classifications established for Stock Duty Semi-Automatic Pistol, Stock Duty Revolver, Open Class Semi-Automatic Pistol and Open Class Revolver. NRA Competitions Staff is issuing new Classification Cards to all competitors for each Division following the new PPC Rule Book provisions.

Competitors and Tournament Officials can check current Classifications by reviewing the Police Pistol Combat Classification Listing. Competitors may also call 703-267-1632 or send an e-mail to with your full information and your NRA Membership Number or assigned NRA Competitor Number.